Songs about Cricket – The Music of The Duckworth Lewis Method

The Duckworth Lewis Method

As we’re going to be featuring sports-related posts all this week on The Fox Is Black I thought it would be nice to share some sports-related music with you this morning. Obviously there’s plenty of places where you can find music for something like this. With a little thought it’s easy to find plenty of songs that cross the sports/music divide: there’s the brashness of the football anthem, the adrenaline-fueled tracks designed for running, the inspirational music heard during cinema’s fine musical montages – all fine examples! Personally though, none of them come close to the greatness that is The Duckworth Lewis Method.

Back in 2009 the duo created an entire album inspired by cricket! Made up of The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon and Pugwash’s Thomas Walsh, the pair have described the album as being “a kaleidoscopic musical adventure through the beautiful and rather silly world of cricket”. It’s a fantastic collection of songs and it’s an album which relishes in the oddities and traditions of the sport – featuring tracks with names such as The Coin Toss, Mason On The Boundary and Meeting Mr Miandad.

The track above is called The Age of Revolution; a song about the English spreading cricket throughout the world. I particularly love how it samples Bix Beiderbecke & His Gang’s excellent Rhythm King. If you’re a cricket fan and haven’t checked out The Duckworth Lewis Method before make sure to grab a copy of their album!

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