Beautiful ceramics by It’s Raining Elephants & Robi Wehrle

Ceramics by It's Raining Elephant and Robi Wehrle

Ceramics by It's Raining Elephant and Robi Wehrle

I love these ceramics! They’re created by the illustration collective It’s Raining Elephants and the Swiss-based ceramic artist Robi Wehrle. Every year the three collaborate together to create a small edition of handmade and hand-drawn ceramics.

The simple and childlike style of the drawings work well on ceramic and the way that they approach the objects is both fun and playful. “Our intention is to create objects that offer new narratives and meanings when they are in use” say It’s Raining Elephants on their website. “For example a hill is going to look out of the soup, a ship is going to float on the tea, an abstract drawing is going to look like an animal from a certain perspective, a miniature drawing on the bottom of a teacup can only be discerned when it is brought close to your eyes.”

It’s an idea which is really fun and the ceramics themselves are really beautiful. You can see a full collection of the work on the It’s Raining Elephants website.

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