The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mike Perry – Help his Kickstarter!

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mike Perry

Mike Perry

This week we have a very awesome wallpaper by an amazing artist for a special project. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the work of Mike Perry, one of New York’s finest artist and creative thinkers. Over the years Mike has been diversifying his talents, ranging from fine art to published books, but his newest endeavor is the largest and most ambitious yet. It’s called Wondering Around Wandering, and it sounds like it’s going to be a ton of fun.

WAW will be a 3 month free community exhibition and event space where I will be conducting workshops, screenings, gatherings, open discussions, and much more. The space will be a living / evolving environment where visitors will be able to freely explore and create their own unique experience.

In order to make this dream happen though he needs our help. He’s started a Kickstarter for his project and it still needs funding. He’s got all sorts of amazing goodies for those who donate, so even if you’re not in New York you can still help out a fellow artist and get something cool out of the deal, like zines or limited edition prints, and for super cheap.

I’d like to suggest that if you download any of the wallpapers that you donate at least $1 to Mike to help him make this happen, it’s the least you can do. The artists on the Desktop Wallpaper Project always give their art away for free, so maybe it’s time we start giving back to them, you know?

Click here to donate to Mike Perry’s Wondering Around Wandering project on Kickstarter.

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