Bootstrap Paradoxes | A Mixtape by The Redford Rise

Boostrap Paradoxes | A mixtape by The Redford Rise

Boostrap Paradoxes | A mixtape by The Redford Rise

Download Bootstrap Paradoxes | A Mixtape by The Redford Rise

It’s always nice to have a new mix on the site, some new music to share. I haven’t had time to make a new one, but thankfully my good friend and frequent TFIB/LAIY contributor Alec Rojas, aka The Redford Rise, has served up something amazing. It’s called Bootstrap Paradoxes and is meant to describe an entire night of going out, as well as some more… abstract ideas. In Alec’s words:

It sort of progresses from the dance floor, dirty and grimy for a lil bit, and then the afterhours into a weirdly symphonic blend of late 90s loops and IDM. I guess I try to get the whole night in. I don’t really have a name other than some concept I have been writing about: The Bootstrap Paradox. This paradox is, in a nutshell, whether you can travel back in time and change the past in order to change your present and future. My favorite example is the book the Time Travelers Wife when the main character goes back in time and tells his younger wife the dates he will see her in the future. Shortly after (no spoilers) she gives his then-present self that list of times they will see each other. Another fun one is in Futurama when Fry becomes his own grandfather. Both of them cannot figure out how or where the list originated. It has no origination point. This concept is applicable to music (and love but that’s another story). Some of these tracks seem to have no major origination point as well, just sort of exist in their own ethereal plane.

Pretty crazy, but I love that he’s thinking of these mixes as more conceptual pieces, makes it so much more interesting. I think you’ll find the mix of tracks to be pretty eclectic, I’m sure you’re gonna’ find something on there that you’ve never heard before. We hope you enjoy the mix, more mixes to come soon.

Drake feat. The Weeknd – “Crew Love” (Starslinger Remix)
Rustie – “Surph”
Gesaffelstein – “Aufstand”
The Great Mundane – “Solar Food”
Flying Lotus – “Galaxy in Janaki”
John Talabot – “Estiu”
Chromatics – “Back in the Grave”
Grimes – “Genesis”
Global Goon – “Scott Cronce Is the CEO”
Blue Sky Black Death – “Our Hearts Of Ruin”
Clams Casino – “I’m Official/Numb”
The Redford Rise – “A New Resolution”
Ekkehard Ehlers – “Plays John Cassavettes, pt.2”

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