‘Rítmia’ – Identity for a music therapist by Atipus

Rítmia | Atipus

Atipus have an amazing portfolio of projects on their site. Set-up in 1998, the Barcelona based studio have worked on many projects over the years; combining their expert eye with a number of different disciplines including art direction, packaging, web design and corporate identity.

Recently they created an identity for the social music-therapist and educator Celia Castillo. It’s a really beautiful and strong identity and when I saw it it really caught my eye. Atipus decribe the identiy as being based on rhythmic exercises which Castillo developed. In these exercise the basic aim is to provoke different moods in their patients. It’s really beautiful. Make sure to check out all the images from this branding on their site here.

July 3, 2012 / By