The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ten Paces and Draw, with Llew Mejia

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ten Paces and Draw, with Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia

It’s July 1st and summer is in full bloom (well, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere). It’s incredible that we’re already seven months into the year, but I’m not complaining, summer is my favorite season. I love the warm temperatures and how it stays lighter later, it reminds me of my childhood, running around shoeless through my neighborhood. Though this month’s wallpaper doesn’t reflect the views of my childhood memories of summer, it’s much more akin to how I spend my summers these days.

Thanks to Alyssa at Ten Paces and Draw, our wonderful monthly wallpaper curator, we have a really awesome desktop for July from Llew Mejia. Llew is a Minneapolis based illustrator who does some really great work in typography and pattern making. He also has a new project he’s just starting called 101Florals, which you can imagine, is a series of lovely floral prints by Llew and his partner in crime Lindsey. They’re already off to an amazing start, check out this poppy pattern that they’ve created. Too amazing, right?

As you can see from his wallpaper Llew is really good at summer-ing – enjoying lemonade in the shade, bonfires, night rides, and dry martinis. One of my favorite little details he put into this are black cats, which I’m taking to mean the fireworks, which I totally loved as a kid. Enjoy the wallpaper, and enjoy the summer!

Bobby Solomon

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