Imaginative, voyeuristic illustrations by Rebecca Mock

Rebecca Mock's imaginative illustrations

Rebecca Mock's imaginative illustrations

Came upon these illustrations from Brooklyn based illustrator Rebecca Mock and was totally sucked into them. A lot of her work is character based, a lot of fun and beautiful illustrations about Power Rangers and polyamorous relationships, but these pieces seem so mysterious and interesting to me.

The top piece is called The Old Maple Tree Whispered To Her That Everything Would Be Okay, which is a great title. I love how odd it is, that the focus is on this great mess of a tree, and there’s only a small fragment of a woman peeking out. Reminds me of a scene you’d find in a Murakami novel. The other piece is a self-portrait she did of herself, which I feel is similar in tone. You feel almost voyuerisitic viewing these pieces, that the subject isn’t aware of your presence and you’re getting a look at some intimiate moment. Really splendid work.

June 29, 2012 / By