Photographs of Jesolo by David Wilson

Jesolo, 2011 by David Wilson

Jesolo, 2011 by David Wilson

Jesolo, 2011 by David Wilson

Photographer David Wilson was born to an English father and an Italian mother in a small town in north-eastern Italy. He says that he lived there until he began to wander backwards and forwards between Venice and Trieste. The photographs above come from a series entitled Jesolo which were taken in 2011. Jesolo is the name of a popular tourist town in the province of Venice in Italy. Wilson describes the series as such:

Every year more than 5 million people visit this huge seaside resort, be if for a single day, a couple of weeks or the span of entire summer. I did that too when I was a kid. Now, as I recall my youth, I always felt at home there. Nobody else would ever call that strip of beach ‘home’ and i couldn’t envision any of those people sharing that same narrow strip of sand with me. You won’t see any of them in this series of picutres, either.

I was on my own. I was home.

It’s a wonderful series of images and Wilson has a terrific eye for capturing beauty in some of the simplest and strangest of places. Check out the series in full on Wilson’s website here.

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