Incredible pencil drawings by Kate Atkin

Kate Atkin 'Young Contemporaries' - Installation view

Kate Atkin 'Traffic Island' (2006)

Kate Atkin 'Topographica' at Turnpike Gallery, April 2008

These incredible pencil drawings are by the artist Kate Atkin. The London-based artist creates large images – capturing richly textured forms with amazing detail and beauty. Taking photography as her starting point she quickly moves on to allow the drawings to unfold and develop in a more organic and impressionistic style.

Chiefly rendered in black and white, Atkin’s drawings are often huge in scale and are no-doubt labour-intensive. In an interview with The Guardian she noted that from a distance the images seem to have “a sort of geography” to them, “yet close up a lot of [the] work is teeming and chaotic.” The resulting combination in really wonderful and something I imagine looks even more impressive in real life. More images of Atkin’s work can be viewed online here.

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