LEGO Haunted House

LEGO Haunted House

LEGO Haunted House minifigs

LEGO Haunted House Interior

Aliens, pirates, vikings, castles, dinosaurs, even the wild west! Over the years, the folk at LEGO have brought kids (and grown-ups) to all manner of great places, yet for some reason they’ve never had a LEGO Haunted House. That is until now! Coming this September LEGO will release their first official Haunted House.

Home to Lord Vampyre and his bride, the three-story house is served by a monster butler and a zombie chef, as well as being haunted by two glow-in-the-dark ghosts! It’s a fantastic looking set and the designers have really done an excellent job with it. Retailing at a hefty $180 the set is still incredible and with a release date of early September, it means that you’re just in time to have the perfect accompaniment for your house at Halloween.

The LEGO Haunted House is released September 1st 2012