Fiona Apple’s new album comes out today, listen to ‘Every Single Night’

The Idler Wheel by Fiona Apple

It’s been seven years since Fiona Apple released an album, a long hiatus for a very complex artist. Her new album, The Idler Wheel, came out this morning, though you may have heard it streaming on NPR for the past week or so. It’s kind of incredible to think that it’s been 16 years since she released her first album Tidal. The waif looking girl singing on MTV is now a deeply interesting woman who’s done and incredible job of continuing to explore her psyche through music. On the surface is the album is obviously beautiful. She’s still just as talented as she was. But I feel like you don’t really get to know what the music is about until you know who Apple is these days.

There’s this really great interview with Apple by Dan P. Lee which is quite long, but definitely worth it. Basically he was able to befriend Apple, getting to know some of the plot details of her life. She seems almost like a character from a movie, but not necessarily in a bad way. She has problems sleeping, sometimes sleeping in her Malibu backyard on an air mattress with her dog. She has trouble keeping relationships, mostly because she likes to be alone, which she references in her music.

The song above is Every Single Night, the first single and the first song on the album. It should give you a good idea of what the vibe of the album begins as. After that the album just starts to get deeper and deeper, ending with the song Hot Knife and the lyrics, “If I’m butter than he’s a hot knife…” Glad to hear that Miss Apple is back to her old tricks.

June 19, 2012 / By