How Anthony Bourdain became Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain and his family

I was reading the new issue of Bon Appétit and I came across this nice piece from Anthony Bourdain about his relationship with his father. As we all know, Bourdain is one of the big “eaters” out there, travelling the world and eating with an open-minded. In his article he goes into depth about the influence his father had on his eating habits, the snippet below being my favorite part.

He was delighted by different. Thrilled by discovery. In the early ’70s, he “discovered” sushi because it was being served in the signless, some-what sinister back room of a run-down hotel on 55th Street that some Japanese colleagues had tipped him off to. When he walked me, 14 years old, through the shabby hotel lobby for the first time, opened an unmarked door, and ushered me into a smoky room crowded with Japanese people eating raw fish, he was bubbling over with childlike glee.