The Vimeo Awards: The future of filmmaking?

The Vimeo Awards - Reggie Watts vs. Beardyman

Last Thursday, Kyle and I attended the Vimeo Awards, a night dedicated to honoring the most talented creators on Vimeo. We don’t go to many award ceremonies, so I wasn’t quit sure what to expect. It was kind of odd though, like when you finally come in contact with someone who you “know” but have never met before. That feeling is pretty common these days though, especially for those of us that dabble in the Internet.

The event was held at The Skirball Center at NYU. It seemed like a fitting place to have the ceremony as The Skirball is a fairly modern space, only completed back in 2003. And there we all were, these contemporary creatives all gathered together to celebrate what we love. It ended up being a really rad event, and I laughed and giggled through most of it. I sat there as each category was announced and was do delighted to see so many of the videos I’ve posted on this very site being nominated and/or winning awards. This isn’t to say that I had anything to do with it, but I certainly felt like I was a part of it in some way. That by supporting certain videos I maybe helped get their work out to more people.

The big winners of the night were the guys from Everynone, Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercadante, Julius Metoyer III. They did a few amazing videos over the last couple years, but they won for their video, Symmetry.

I wrote about Symmetry back in April last year, saying “I don’t know how they do it but every time I watch their videos I get emotional. There’s something about the editing, the sound, the proper imagery, that makes their videos seem so magical.” Clearly that feeling was true for more than just me. These guys are so extremely talented, they absolutely deserved that award.

Overall the whole night felt really exciting. Most of the people in that room didn’t need a giant budget or some mega-corporation backing their project, they needed only their creativity and some serious motivation. I couldn’t help but think that these folks might grow into the future of filmmaking. They’ve already got a huge audience of fans, and with platforms changing so quickly, it feels like this is how the world may celebrate filmmakers in 10 years.

You can see a list of all the winners by clicking here. I’m sure a lot of you may have already seen some of these videos before, but it couldn’t hurt to enjoy them again.

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