‘Murmur’, a stunning illustration by Jullian Callos

'Murmur', a stunning illustration by Jullian Callos

It’s been a while since we featured Jullian Callos’ work on the site, far overdue in fact because he’s so dang good. Julian is a Los Angeles based artist who has a really wonderful, vibrant, almost comic book/anime style that’s always really beautiful. Recently he was asked by his friend Jayne to create a piece for her, something with a girl and that it had to be kind of weird, and this piece was the result.

Without over-explaining the narrative I had in my head for the piece, I’ll just say it’s about telling secrets (that part has nothing to do with Jayne…I just wanted to tell some kind of story). Anyway, it was fun to work on. I took a little more time on this than usual just because I didn’t have too many urgent deadlines at the time. Who knew that when you take your time on something rather than leaving it till the last minute you can be happy with your work???

I feel like this is something that Lady Gaga could wear, and I mean that as a compliment. I guess the starlings are perhaps trying to eat the berries on the bush, that seems like something birds do. And the subtle detail of the yellow bird in her hands is really well done. Be sure to check out the rest of Jullian’s work by clicking here.

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