‘Tourists’ – A poster by Jim Field

I love this poster by the London-based illustrator Jim Field. I recently moved to Lisbon for a few months and now as I make my half-local/half-tourist way through the city all I can see are the characters from Jim’s poster – the cameras, the fanny-packs, the baseball caps – they’re all here. I desperately hope to fade into the fabric of the city but every-time I see a tourist I panic my cover may be blown. Tourists are an odd breed and their habitual ‘touristy’ ways are particularly remarkable.

This poster was inspired by a trip Jim took to Australia a few years ago. While there he became obsessed with photographing tourists. “They started to look uniform to me” he says on his website, “dressed in their chinos, silly hats and armed with digital cameras”. His poster captures their odd ways perfectly.

You can purchase a lithographic print poster from his store here

June 8, 2012 / By