Grizzly Bear’s new track ‘Sleeping Ute’

Grizzly Bear's new track 'Sleeping Ute'

A few days ago Grizzly Bear released a new track from their upcoming album called Sleeping Ute. The song is more of the good stuff that makes Grizzly Bear so good – lots of layered vocals, and a huge wall of sound vibe. There’s a specific organ sound that’s layered over the top of the track which is pretty nice, and a subtle shake of a tambourine which grabs your ear.

The as-yet-titled new album comes September 17/18 depending upon where you are on Warp Records. They’ve also got a world tour as well, so you may want to check and see if they’re visiting your neck of the woods. Check out the tracklist below.

1. Sleeping Ute
2. Speak In Rounds
3. Adelma
4. Yet Again
5. The Hunt
6. A Simple Answer
7. What’s Wrong
8. gun-shy
9. Half Gate
10. Sun In Your Eyes

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