An interview with Matthew Daniel Siskin of designedmemory

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An interview with Matthew Daniel Siskin of designedmemory

I never thought I’d ever write about Beyoncé, but you know, shit changes, especially when Matthew Daniel Siskin. He runs a designedmemory, a… let’s call it a creative firm – and he recently made Bey’s website one of the coolest place on the web. Seriously. If you haven’t seen it yet just click here, you’ll get it. He recently spoke with New York Magazine about his work, including his site for Beyoncé, as well as his inspirations and where he sees trends and the web going.

Are there web design “trends”?
Totally. I see them all the time. Right now it’s all about the scrolling trend. It’s called Parallax — when you scroll down the page things move. Also, everyone’s doing really simple CSS layouts which are beautiful and very eye-catch-centric. That’s everywhere. But my problem with all of those trends is that they’re designed for the web, but now the web can be anything. If cars could fly, why would you choose not to? I think that’s why I love this job so much. Or this part of my job, because it’s like, “What can’t we do? Let’s just go crazy.” Let’s just do something new and ignore the trends — what’s logical? What’s human? How do people think?

Any trends you’d like to see?
I think it should be more about images than words. I don’t think anyone’s reading much online anymore when it comes to brands. It’s less about their bio page and more about these visual stories and sharable experiences. Tibor Kalman is my favorite designer ever. He worked with Colors magazine for a long time, and he did one issue that had no words in it. It was so powerful, and you get so much from it. I’m excited to see the web go that way.

You can read the whole thing here.

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