‘Ballerina’ by Banksy

'Ballerina' by Banksy

I think there are a lot of opinions on Banksy, but one thing I’ve always believed is that he truly is a remarkable artist. I mean, I think he really does have genuine artist talent. If you look at some of his re-appropriated paintings, or even the proportions to the stencils he makes, you can see he must have had some sort of fine art training.

I think a bit of that comes through in this recent piece he posted to his site, a ballerina on the back of a painting, walking the string you would normally hang it from. Dare I say this piece is elegant, or even beautiful? Could I be bold enough to say that if Degas had used spray paint rather than oils it may have looked like something like this? I could, but that might rile too many people up. Instead I’ll simply say how nice this looks, and that it’s interesting to see Banksy making commentary on fine art culture in such a lovely way.

May 25, 2012