The prefabricated world – ‘Sachliches’ by Josef Schulz

Josef Schulz - 170

Josef Schulz - 30

Josef Schulz - 120

Sachliches is the title of a series of photographs taken between 2001 and 2008 by the German-based photographer Josef Schulz. The series explores the formal aspects of pre-fabricated buildings and the resulting work feels more like graphic compositions then actual photographs.

Schulz’s intention is to exaggerate these qualities and with the help of his computer, these images become striking counterpoints of their actual architectural selves. Stripping away the finer details of each building means that Schulz leaves us with no hint of their age, size, location or place. Instead what remains is pure anonymity. While pre-fabricated factories and warehouse attempt so often to stand inconspicuously, Schulz takes these qualities and brings them to their final conclusion. The finished work is wonderful – modern buildings reduced to pure form.

You can view the complete series of images from Josef Schulz’s Sachliches online here.

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