The Handsomest Orthodontist’s Office

The Handsomest Orthodontist's Office

The Handsomest Orthodontist's Office

The Handsomest Orthodontist's Office

I’ve heard that when David Sedaris signs books after a reading, adults with braces are allowed to jump the line and have their books signed first. It’s nice of him, and I wish folks had extended similar courtesy to me when I was a high school freshman with a mouth full of metal (held together by glow-in-the-dark rubber bands.) My orthodontist, Dr. Dickey, had a nice office next to the skating rink. Although it looked nothing like this, I wish it had–-it might have made going to the orthodontist a little more enjoyable.

This is the Practice of Periodontics in Zwolle, designed by Kwint Architecten. While the project is an addition, it a blocky mass that is formally distinct from the older structure it attaches to. Clad in red cedar, the materiality of the extension contrasts the light surfaces of the existing building, but maintains a kind of calm that keeps the overall effect coherent. In the hands of less capable architects, all this contrast could look like the kind of mess my braces-laden mouth resembled every time I ate food, but instead the practice looks sleek and professional. Smiles all around.

Found through ArchDaily

Alex Dent

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