The Diamond 14K Gold Ring from byAMT

The Diamond 14K Gold Ring from byAMT

This one’s for the ladies who want something a bit different. byAMT is the studio name of Alissia Melka-Teichroew, a New York based designer who’s got quite a knack for turning product design on it’s head. One of my favorites of her pieces is the Diamond 14K Gold Ring.

We value diamonds because they’re even more rare, shinier, and durable (and often fraught with human rights concerns). No wonder they are so expensive. Do we really need one to prove our love? byAMT rings are precious for their creativity, ingenuity, style, and wit–not their glittery bits.The metal rings include a “too-thin-to-be an engagement ring” (2mm), “perfect diamond ring size” (4mm), a square 9mm size. The thinnest rings hint at the fragility of marriage and commitment. The largest is a sly commentary on our culture’s competitive nature when it comes to conspicuous consumption: “my diamond is bigger than yours.” The Diamond Rings invite us to step back, get some perspective, and even laugh at ourselves.

Bobby Solomon

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