‘Mountain’ and ‘Financial District’, new tracks from Gold Panda

Gold Panda

Gold week started out with some luck as Gold Panda released a couple of new tracks this morning, ‘Mountain’ and ‘Financial District’. The tracks differ greatly from each other, embodying two different aspects of his sound. The first track ‘Mountain’ was named while he was flying over Mt. Fuji. With that image in mind you get a good sense of how the song might sound. The best word I can think of is “glistening”, like drops of water reflecting the sunlight. ‘Financial District’ though is lopping and synthetic sounding, and endless rhythm, a droning melody with a crunchy base. Here’s how Mr. Panda describes it:

Listening to ‘Mountain’ again on a trip to Japan over New Year, we flew directly over Mt.Fuji and it seemed to just fit what I was seeing out of the window. ‘Financial District’ was just the opposite of the vast expanse of the mountain I guess. Crowded, synthetic and shiny… repetitive – and of course both can erupt at anytime.

May 14, 2012 / By