‘All For Gold’ by The Danger Is

Niamh of 'The Danger Is'. Photo: Dara Munnis

This week on The Fox Is Black we’re taking gold as our theme so it seems like the perfect time to share this wonderful track called ‘All For Gold’ by Irish act The Danger Is. Niamh Farrell is the voice behind the moniker – a Dublin based artist and multi-instrumentalist who has a penchant for changeable melodies and smart pop hooks. Mixing instrumental builds with intimate moments, her voice is slight and airy one minute then sweet and soaring the next.

‘All For Gold’ is a wonderful slice of indie-pop made all the better by Niamh’s striking vocals. Tripping gently along on its own whimsical melody the song seems to build traction as it sweeps and soars along vocal hooks and eventually it almost gallops away as it gets caught up in its own dizzying frenzy of blissful pop.

The track comes from Niamh’s self-titled debut EP The Danger Is – an EP which comes highly recommended. Make sure to check out more music online here.

May 14, 2012 / By