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Dachstein Mars Stimulation

Dachstein Mars Stimulation

The Dachstein Mars Simulation LiveBlog has shared some pictures this week of the testing of experimental spacesuits and instrumentation systems that could one day be used on Mars, which may remind you of the Austrian Airspace Forum Institute suits that we posted earlier this year. Mars suits have been designed to withstand extreme temperatures, which they test in ice caves that “would be a natural refuge for any microbes on Mars seeking steady temperatures and protection from damaging cosmic rays,” as Stuff Magazine explains.

These suits realized in silver remind me strongly of the Mercury 7 Astronauts who used fighter pilot suits sprayed silver to distinguish themselves from their former wearers. As the Mercury suits were a visible departure from the dare devils of the sky that preceded them, these silver suits lack the huggable pillowly essence of the Shuttle era stark white suits. One small step for manned space exploration couture…

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