‘Live Your Life’ by Yuna

'Live Your Life' by Yuna

I was listening to KCRW this morning when this track from Yuna came on called ‘Live Your Life”. If you’re not familiar, Yuna, Yunalis Zarai, is a Malaysian pop singer who’s blowing up pretty fast right now thanks to this track. It certainly helps that Pharrell produced it, but all the talent is in Yuna’s stunning voice. I’d say she’s somewhere between Regina Spektor (without the weird) and Norah Jones. I’m not really sure there’s a better compliment to give.

I think it’s also important to mention how great it is to see a beautiful Asian woman rising as a pop singer. She portrays such a beautiful confidence, her words and her music pushing herself to success. No need for dressing like a hooker like so many pop stars out there today. She’s totalyl sexy without have to try. More of this kind of talent in pop music, please!