Animal Collective releases two new tracks, ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Gotham’

??Animal Collective releases two new tracks, Honeycomb and Gotham

Earlier today Animal Collective released a couple of new songs called ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Gotham’, which are featured on a new seven inch they’re releasing. It’s pretty funny to see Animal Collective bridging this weird gap between physical and digital media. I mean, I was able to embed the songs above (you have to hover over the tiny album cover), but then they’re really trying to sell them as records. Anyhow, it’s cool of them to stick to vinyl.

The songs though are pretty great. Oddly enough they feel pretty straightforward. Kind of like they went out to the desert and made some slow, stoner jams. What I’m saying is, the songs aren’t bad by any means, but they aren’t really treading any new ground either. They’re somewhat similar in tone to Flaming Lips’ ‘Embryonic’, same sort of galaxy.z

Like I mentioned above you need to hover over that mini-player to take a listen and/or get the seven inch for yourself. Sorry for the awkwardness of the spacing of the post, it’s the only way I can embed it.

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