Patented Architecture

A Patent for a building with a neck.

I’m a fan of Archive of Affinities, a Tumblr that has recently taken to posting patent applications for buildings. What’s the fun in that, you wonder? These patents are for buildings shaped like all sorts of things other than buildings: heads, pigs, beer bottles, et cetera. There’s probably something smart to say about the idea of a patented built environment… something about commodification or inhabitable logos, maybe? I’ll leave that for someone smarter.

What I think is hilarious about these patents is the absurdity. Not only is it absurd to see a hoop skirt the size of a circus tent, but someone took the extra effort so that nobody would steal their brillant idea and start building giant hoop skirts restaurants without the threat of legal action. In a moment of meta-tecture, one patent proposes a miniature leaning tower of Pisa piercing through another building, and it’s probably my favorite of the bunch. Then again, the giant beer looks good, too.