Matteo Massagrande’s Paintings of Desolate Interiors

'Interno #11' by Matteo Massagrande

'Interno #12' by Matteo Massagrande

'Interno #10' by Matteo Massagrande

While the Italian artist Matteo Massagrande may have all the skill and technique of an old master there is something far less romantic about his work – and for that reason, there is something far more interesting about it too. His series of empty interiors is one which is particularly striking. His blunt depiction of empty apartments is filled with desolation, and the feeling of emptiness that he creates is almost existential.

Capturing these spaces in their own unique moments of deterioration, these private rooms have now reached their end. These spaces, which were once full of life, have now become little more then four walls. Massagrande paintings feel like commemorations to these rooms – not celebrations. His cynical depictions are realized with beautiful subtle colors and a stunning sense of light. Despite his talents, these images are not impressive swan songs to moments past, instead they feel far more like we are sharing the final intimate moments of a room and catching a final haunted glimpse at the fleeting beauty that remains.

May 2, 2012 / By