LogoLounge’s 2012 Logo Trend Report

LogoLounge's 2012 Logo Trends

Trends come and go, but they’re also good markers of where we’re currently at in the design circle of life. For years now LogoLounge has been creating a trend report surveying what’s going on in the world of logo design, and the 2012 Trend Report is another great look at what’s going on.

As I review logos that are entered onto the LogoLounge site, three distinct categories start to emerge. The first and largest category is replete with trends that already have reached saturation. They may be well-rendered and serve their clients very well. Any would have been excellent candidates for trend reports in past years, but they just don’t move our field forward.

Leaders in the “done to death” category for this year include designs that include birds, dinosaurs, monsters, people as trees, transparent flip books (actually, flipping or stacked see-through pages of any kind), transparent lotus blossoms, fruit, and X’s (this final tribe where two crossed arrows or lines have words or icons in each of the four quadrants is so overdone that designers themselves have begun to parody it).

Another category is on the opposite side of the universe. Here, you might see two and maybe three logos that indicate a brewing trend with promise. But there’s no critical mass here yet, and certainly no guarantees that these will eventually grow into something bigger.

My favorite trends personally are icon clusters, anaglyphs and tesselation. Basically all the ones with multiple, bright colors. Do you find yourself falling into any of these categories?