Super cute paintings by Chiao Ling Lo

Super cute paintings by Chiao Ling Lo

Super cute paintings by Chiao Ling Lo

Can’t remember how I came across the work of Chiao Ling Lo, but there’s something extremely charming her art. Her work is reminiscent of Nara, though really only in content and feeling, not so much in her style. Her work is mostly children, or pop icons who look like the manga cherubs. I love all the details in her work, the things that let you know she did these by hand like the hair of the girl in the image at the top right.

Of course I’m also a big fan of the colors she uses. The brighter the better. Unfortunately I couldn’t dig up more about her, it seems like she only has her Flickr. If you know anything else about her please shoot me an email/tweet/FB.

Update: Here’s more information about Chiao from a TFIB reader named Grace:

I stumbled upon your latest post on The Fox Is Black. I don’t really know this artist personally, but I happened to know some information about her via my friend. The artist’s name is actually Chiao Ling Lo. Lo is her last name. She graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, and currently runs a design studio with her husband. I’m very glad that artists from Taiwan could gain your notice. Enclosed is their studio’s website and facebook page.

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