Current Reading – Fantastic Man, Mark, Apartamento, Day Job Magazine

Weekend Reading

Fantastic Man / $14.95
The Spring/Summer 2012 issue turned out to be a really good one. They’ve got a surprising interview with Perry Chen, found of Kickstarter, a short conversation with Jean Touitou, the man behind APC who’s always an interesting character, as well as a fashion spread that was shot in Palm Springs. Rounding things out is a wonderful interview with Piet Oudulf, the man responsible for the plants that adorn the High Line.

Mark / $19.95
Mark is always a good read, as well as having some of the best editorial layout around. There’s a nice piece on Sou Fujimoto’s House NA (which we previously covered here) though Im still not sure where the bathroom is. They also have a look at apps for architects, I’ve become smitten with the Grünerløkka Apartments in Oslo, and they focus on the use of light in architecture, like a house where all the windows are on the ceiling.

Apartamento / $19.95
I’m a big fan of Apartmento, no one does it quite like they do. I snagged a copy while I was at Ooga Booga yesterday, so I’ve briefly looked through but haven’t dived in yet. I saw that one story had photos by Wolfgang Tillman, so that’s pretty rad. There’s also a conversation about the perfumication of products, as in all products will one day have their own unique scent, certainly interesting to think about.

Day Job Magazine / $25
I received a special, #0 sneak peak of the first issue of Day Job and I’m really enjoying the idea and execution. Based out of Brooklyn, the magazine is simply about jobs.

Day Job is a publication for anyone who has ever had a job they’ve loved, a job they’ve hated, a life-long calling or a way to make an easy buck. In short, it’s about work, a celebration of the everyday ways in which we spend our time and energy. As the inimitable Studs Terkel describes working, “It’s about a search, too, for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash.”

The also have funs sections like Lunch Break, which are recipes for making a great lunch, as well as local street vendors in New York. The aesthetics of it all feel great, and it’s a really smart idea. You can help Day Job get off it’s feet by investing in their Kickstarter. I’m about to donate as soon as I post and share this.

April 29, 2012