NaCl House: The chunk of salt that became a house and the spreadsheet that helped

David Jameson Architect NaCl House

David Jameson Architect NaCl House

David Jameson Architect NaCl House

This is the NaCl house designed by David Jameson– a house inspired by, as the name suggests, salt. Specifically, the architect cites the “natural isometric formation of mineral rock salt” which chemists and geologists call halite. The architect breaks up the mass of the house to resemble these naturally-occurring chunks of salt, disguising the horizontal layers of rooms with boxy volumes that jaunt away from each other.

When I see projects like this I always enjoy trying to match up the plan with images from the interior and exterior. Where was the photographer standing when he took this picture? Is that a window into a bathroom or closet? Because the project is relatively small, it’s not as complicated as it look (even though all the white corners can start to look the same). To continue the architect’s analogy, most salt looks the same to me, too.

Found through ArchDaily

Alex Dent

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