‘Destiny’ by John Talabot feat. Pilal

John Talabot

The world of “electronic” music is filled with unknowns. I love it. The great thing about today, and the future of the music industry, is that complete anonymity can be assured more so than ever. Come up with an alias, say you are from somewhere, and just put out whatever you made on your laptop or tablet. It’s that easy. John Talabot isn’t even John Talabot’s real name and all I know is he is from Spain. He could be Catalan or a Madrileño or both – this record was recorded in both places. With a thumping, fat bass line, it moves from uplifting to forced intensity, culminating into a can’t-not-move-to-that-shit-breakdown.

But the best part? It’s just another track off of ƒin, Talabot’s inescapable release in 2012.

April 17, 2012 / By