Kingsley Amis Book Covers by Jonathan Burton

Jonathan Burton - Kingsley Amis Book Covers

Jonathan Burton - Kingsley Amis Book Covers

Last year, Penguin asked illustrator Jonathan Burton to create a series of book covers for their Modern Classics series of Kingsley Amis novels. I think the resulting work look amazing, and I was shocked, surprised and impressed to read that Burton had a really short deadline to produce these covers. On his blog Burton wrote that he got into a rhythm of illustrating one cover a day and he did so over the period of just one week. The resulting finished work is pretty unbelievable!

It’s also great to see an illustrator who writes about the process of how their illustrations comes about. Burton’s blog The Unreachable Itch is a fantastic archive for any illustrator who wishes to peer into someone else’s working process. It’s filled with insight, understanding and beautiful images that show how his work evolves. It’s something that I highly recommend you check out!

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