Anne Lindberg strings together thousands of threads in her beautiful installations

Anne Lindberg String Installation Andante

Anne Lindberg String Installation Canto

In a way, Anne Lindberg’s installations are very simple: she staples string between two walls in art galleries. But in other ways, this work is much more complex: the thousands of colored and minuscule strings appear as moving masses of some non-solid material or blur intersecting the gallery space. In an interview, Anne says that these works are absolutely site-specific and that she builds “tiny” 1/4″ scale model iterations of the installations as part of her creative process: ” I carefully studied the space and particulars of the architecture. Nuances of day light and electric light, circulation pathways, nature of the audience, proportions of the architecture, proximity to other exhibitions and materiality are among the conditions that bring forth cues to the configuration.”

The LA-based architecture firm Ball-Nogues Studio (remember them?) have been working with drooping colored strings to a decidedly different effect. But that both Ball Nogues and Anne Lindberg are developing similar strategies means they must be on to something, right?

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