The wonderfully strange paintings of Sophie Alda

Heavy Brains by Sophie Alda

Block of Flats by Sophie Alda

Melon Static by Sophie Alda

There is definitly something kind of strange about these paintings by the English illustrator and painter Sophie Alda. That said, there’s also something kind of wonderful about them too. Painted in gouche, her images are filled with beautiful pastel shades and are populated with odd and ugly characters. The flat nature of her paintings is really beautiful, but for me it’s her warped view of people that I really like. They’re strange, awkward and creepy – yet in many ways they feel like very honest depictions of people.

If you get the chance and if you’re a fan of the absurd make sure to check out more of her work online here, I’m particullarly fond of her Wobbledogs, GIF PARTY!

March 29, 2012 / By