The beautifully drawn illustrations of Kareena Zerefos

'Kareena; The Siren Girl' by Kareena Zerefos

'Girl with Raven' by Kareena Zerefos

'From the Menagerie' by Kareena Zerefos

The Sydney-born and London-based artist Kareena Zerefos creates these stunning images using graphite, markers and ink on paper. Her work often explores the connection between children and animals, and that childhood desire to “run away and join the circus.”

Indeed, Kareena herself notes that her work is inspired by a yearning to escape. Her images are about journeying to a world of make-believe, and for her, this has led to illustrations that are filled with isolation and bittersweet nostalgia. They are beautiful images and the combination of her style and the touching nature of her subject matter form a magical body of work which I’d be quite happy to escape to for any length of time.

March 27, 2012 / By