Two completely opposite, but equally inspiring, image Tumblrs



I was going through my bookmarked blogs last night and noticed that two in particular, while inspiring, are completely on the opposite ends of the spectrum. The first is a Tumblr called STIKNORD, here’s how they describe themselves:

The idea behind this blog was to produce a digital mood board to be used as a part of an on going project at Kolding School of Design. By building a collection of texts and imagery dedicated to the aesthetics of the North, we want to ease the often repetitive, time and money consuming process of constructing tactile inspirational material for each and every project.

As you can imagine the imagery is extremely serene. Lots of beautiful old shacks, minimally designed furniture and beautiful photos of nature. What I love about STIKNORD is how natural and timeless everything they post feels. That you could flee to the countryside and live off lingon berries and take up boat carving.

On the flip-side of that you have Otaku Gangsta, which in effect says fuck all that, there’s a crazy, contemporary sci-fi world out there to explore, let’s start dreaming. Or at least that’s how I interpret it. The imagery on Otaku Gangsta, which is run by Dietrich Groundsel, isn’t all futuristic, but there are certain pieces of imagery from the past that have influenced and reflect a potential future.

Despite how different each of these sites are, I find both worlds equally inspiring. They both manage to appease my sense of taste, almost like left brain and right brain desires being met. I yearn for a simpler existence but I can’t deny the fact that there’s so much more to discover.

March 26, 2012 / By