Immaculate Pay with Square icon by Robert Andersen

Immaculate Pay with Square icon by Robert Andersen

Browsing through Dribbble earlier and came across the designer of the new Pay with Square icon, Robert Andersen. I was simply going to tweet “OMG MY BRAIN EXPLODED” but I feel like Robert’s work deserves more love than that.

The image is detailed beyond belief, I can’t imagine where he even started with this. Referencing the holograms you find on credit cards, Robert has created a piece of art that I would absolutely frame on my wall. What’s wonderful to me is that he put so much detail and love into this icon, something that most people (non-designers) won’t give a second thought to. So please take a second, click the image above to see the large version, and soak in the details in this labor of love.

To see more of Robert’s work I’d suggest checking out his Dribbble account. If you get jealous easily you probably shouldn’t click that.

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  1. Franz Prud March 27, 2012 at 8:18 AM

    Not to take anything away from a well designed app icon, but have you seen ANY other iOS app icon? Almost all professionally made ones are of the same quality and level of detail, I don’t see how this one in particular was worthy of such praise above the hundreds and hundreds of similar ones at e.g. Dribble. I feel it would be more appropriate and interesting to pick out a few and talk about the generally high level of detail etc. allowed by the retina display and how this has revitalized and taken the art of icon making to new levels. But maybe thats just me. But as I said, good work by Robert Andersen.

  2. Andrew Sipe March 27, 2012 at 11:48 AM

    The icon is clean and well thought out, but so is the Square website. The details and thought put in are what make them sing. Nothing feels rushed or over looked. It’s the attention other websites need. I recommend taking it for a spin.

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