‘A Tender Trap’ by Joel Alme

Joel Alme - A Tender Trap

Joel Alme - A Tender Trap

It’s a well known fact that the Swedes make the best pop music. Take Gothenburg’s Joel Alme for example. His song – A Tender Trap – is a perfect slice of baroque pop served-up with brooding vocals and melancholic lyrics. It’s the type of thing that the Swedes do better then anyone else, they can take all the pain of heartbreak and turn it into a life-affirming anthem, filling it with rich instrumentation and soaring melodies.

A Tender Trap is a great example of this, and the video allows us to peer into Alme’s world as he makes his way through the Wintery harbours of Gothenburg reminiscing on lost love and thinking about happier times. The song is the lead single and title track of Alme’s third album, which is released May 9th on Razzia Records.

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