Sim City gets an exciting new upgrade in 2013 (video)

Sim City gets an exciting new upgrade (video)

Sim City gets an exciting new upgrade (video)

I always sucked at Sim City but I excelled at The Sims. I still loved Sim City and always tried incredibly hard to not go bankrupt or create droughts in my city. Utopia is a hard goal to reach. But perhaps I can reach my goal next year when Maxis releases a beautiful new version of Sim City.

With the new version they seem to have taken a lot of style and design cues from The Sims, which is a really smart move, as they’ve always felt like two separate worlds that should really be one. Make it so your characters from Spore can invade the world and they’ve wrapped everything up with a nice,big bow.

You’ll see some of the other crazy improvements they’ve made in the videos above, things like characters and objects having independent motions and motivations. The rendering engine looks like it’s capable of a lot of amazing stuff, hopefully you don’t need an equally outrageous computer to play it. The other cool feature is a multi-player option, which should allow you to have your city next to those of your friends, thus being able to help or destroy one another.

You can read more about the release by clicking here.

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