The LIFE notebook, unchanged since 1951

The LIFE notebook, unchanged since 1951

Over the weekend I took a little trip out to Abbott Kinney for a Pentax event at one of the finest design shops in all of Los Angeles, A+R. You can see more from that event by clicking here. Anytime we’re on that side of town though I have to stop by Tortoise General Store, a shop that specializes in Japanese goods. To say I’m like a kid in a candy shop there would be an understatement. I have to touch everything I see and attempt not to buy everything I lay my hands on.

This time around, my favorite purchase was a LIFE notebook that’s made in Japan. There are so many notebooks out there these days, but there’s something simple and beautiful about this one that grabbed my eye, especially because it hasn’t changed it’s design since 1951. I bought the grid paper version, B6, as I tend to think in grids a lot when designing for the web. I also love that the graph paper is cream colored with muted red lines. It’s a perfect contrast.

Tortoise has several buying options, both lined and graph paper, as well as two sizes to choose from. You can see all of the options by clicking here.

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