Rechner, a gesture based calculator app

Rechner, a gesture based calculator app

Technology is allowing us to push the boundaries of how we do common tasks like using a calculator, as evidenced by Rechner, a gesture based calculator app for the iPhone. Designed by Berger & Föhr, Rechner allows you to swipe left and right to add and subtract, swipe down to open a menu for options such as multiplication or division, and swipe up for equals. It seems almost counter-intuitive to the way we currently do math, with dedicated buttons for each of these tasks. But when you watch the video it’s actually quite remarkable how easy it is to use this app, and how you could potentially work faster on it. It’s great to see people experimenting like this, shifting paradigms of how we normally work.

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  1. Marshall March 20, 2012 at 11:30 AM

    Interesting idea, but the mapping of gestures to operations seems problematic. How is a two-finger horizontal swipe not “=”? And if it’s not that, how is it not a downward swipe? Seems natural to the idea of “enter”, “return”, “next line”, whatever. It seems to prove both “you don’t always need buttons” and “sometimes buttons work better” with equal success.

    Would potentially work better if you could just draw the symbol for the operation you want to perform in the white area above the numbers.

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