‘Flowers’ by Dudley Perkins

Dudley Perkins

Dudley Perkins is one of the kings of the Fonk. If you aren’t familiar with the Fonk, it may be cause you have never been there. It is a spot in the space / time continuum where the funkiest things on the planet are drawn by the funkiest gravitation pull. At some point in his voyage between Oxnard and LA he met Madlib, stopped rapping, and became a crooning rhapsodist for some of his smoothest beats. Dudley’s rap career has always had a more melodic flow (a classic style of many a West Coast MC) so the transition to an off-key, soulful, honest croon achieved early impressive results. 2003’s A Lil’ Light followed the early singles, bolstered by Madlib’s impeccable production.

Flowers was his first single and it might just be the one track to always never leave behind. Initially released as a 7 inch 45 RPM single, it sounds like it never left the 45 era. The simple chord progression falls on top of some loose-shouldered, relaxed drumming, and Perkins few, clever lines fuzz out into relaxation. This video might be the best one made for the song. The bubble just seems to kick it with the jellyfish, the fish, and the forest. It resonates life at its most untouchable and delicate, and well, fonky.

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