The Small Print’s ‘Illustrated Alphabet’

The Small Print's 'Illustrated Alphabet'

The Letter D by Rilla Alexander
‘D’ by Rilla Alexander

‘M’ by Kevin Waldron

'I is for Inca' by Steve Simpson
‘I’ by Steve Simpson

Over the last few years Irish creative collective The Small Print have been running a number of exciting projects with artists and illustrators from all over the world. In 2009 they setup OFFSET, an annual international creative festival held in Dublin. This event has gone on to become an entity all of its own. Last weekend I attended OFFSET 2012, and many of the speakers there showed their contributions to another Small Print project – The Illustrated Alphabet.

Released last December, the project invited 26 of the very best illustrators from around the world to produce fifty-two original pieces – one illustrated letter and an image based on that letter. The resulting work is pretty amazing and features a broad range of disciplines and concepts. Above are three examples from OFFSET speakers Rilla Alexander, Kevin Waldron and Steve Simpson.

As well being a really fun project, The Illustrated Alphabet also shows such a rich display of disciplines and ideas. Prints from the project are currently for sale through Print-Process and come in a variety of sizes.

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