‘Never Speak Of It Again’ by The Holiday Crowd

The Holiday Crowd

Today I thought I’d share a track from the Toronto four-piece The Holiday Crowd. Formed in 2010, the band recently released their debut album Over The Bluffs and it’s been getting its fair share of rotations around these parts.

The track above, Never Speak Of It Again, is particularly great. Starting off with a jangly melody not dissimilar to something by Wild Nothing and then bursting into frontman Imran Haniff’s Morrissey-style vocals. Filled with nostalgia for another-time, Haniff sings with a mix of fondness and melancholy, and all the while his voice is underpinned by the brilliant stripped-down pop sensibilities of the band. It’s a winning combination and The Holiday Crowd are well worth checking out.

Over The Bluffs is currently on release through New Romantic and Shelflife.

March 12, 2012 / By