Catacombkid – Sigur Rós vs. The Beach Boys

We’ve featured Catacombkid on this blog a few times before, but there’s no reason to not feature him again – especially when he keeps putting out such great music.

Normally I’m not one for mash-ups but this just works really well. The track starts off with the soothing hum of Sigur Rós before an addictive beat cuts in and the whole thing builds up to a catchy vocal hook from The Beach Boys’ Barbara Ann. The harmony of The Beach Boys over such a synthesized beat sounds great and it means that that the track doesn’t sound too dissimilar to the music of Panda Bear – which is always a good thing!

When Harrison Mills (aka Catacombkid) posted this track on Soundcloud last night he also accompanied it with a photograph by Thomas Jackson, so I felt it was right to do the same thing here. Make sure to grab a free download of the song here.

March 5, 2012 / By