Living in a farmhouse from 1734

Minka by Davina Pardo / Birdling Film

Minka by Davina Pardo / Birdling Film

I had no idea a short film about living in an old Japanese farmhouse could be moving. This particular kind of old Japanese farmhouse is called Minka, and this film is all about how two people ended up living in one. From buying the farmhouse before it could be demolished, to relocating the house (and its 50-foot-long beams) to a new site, and eventually to living inside of it, the story of the Minka is portrayed in a way that seems natural and candid. Director Davina Pardo does an excellent job of almost disappearing while she tells the story, but the film’s distinct tone, pace, and visuals keep her from completely disappearing.

Alex Dent

March 1, 2012 / By