Flipping out for pixels: The More4 rebrand by Man versus Machine

Flipping out for pixels: The More4 rebrand

fabrication of over-sized pixels

The “pixels” above were made as part of brilliant a rebranding effort. The company behind the rebranding efforts, Man versus Machine, and the company being rebranded, More4, teamed up with Jason Bruges to make a series of live-action idents. Idents are the short clips that randomly play during commercial breaks, reminding you which channel you are watching. And these are great. When I first saw them I thought the installations of the pixels were part of some kind of art project. So even though these flipping pixels were made to play between commercials, they hardly seem related to commercial branding strategies more commonly used. Instead of appealing to the lowest common denominator, these flipping pixels might keep you from flipping the channel.

You can see more of the redesign by Man versus Machine by clicking here.

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