‘Reign of Terror’, the new album from Sleigh Bells

'Reign of Terror', the new album from Sleigh Bells

I was and I wasn’t a fan of the last Sleigh Bells album, Treats. It had its high points with songs like “Tell ‘Em” and “Rill Rill,” but the noisy feedback ended up sounding the same after a while. I think Treats was the perfect name for the album; you don’t want to listen to it all the time, just when you’re in a certain mood. With their new album Reign of Terror, they’re back with more face punch rock, but with a bit more diversity.

The in-your-face guitars are still there and Alexis Krauss’ vocals are still as shout-y as ever, but there’s lots of great moments on this album that differ from their previous effort. The song “You Lost Me” sounds like a fire alarm going off on a Kate Bush track, which is honestly a compliment. I’ve only listened to the album one time through so far, but I’d say it’s certainly going to be a more solid album than Treats. You can listen to the three song preview above, or if you’re on Rdio you can click here to listen to the whole album.

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